New Beginnings

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WELCOME!  WELCOME!  WELCOME! Like they say at Carolina’s Kitchen.

I am so glad you are here and you came to check us out. Creative Nannies is a place where  we can continue to grow in our profession and have fun in the process. I love working with little people, even the ones with a little sass, because I get to use my creativity daily. I get the chance and opportunity to make a child’s life feel magical.  And when you make a handmade gift for them, you take their breath away with your action.

This year I had the distinct privilege of caring for nine 5th grade girls. I nicknamed them My Fair Ladies to encourage them to decrease their flare for profanity and to embrace the idea of acting lady-like. My mother and I made personalized knitted hats for each girl. They were so surprised by the gesture. All the other girls at the school wanted to have their own hat. It was an instant popularity which is very important when you are a preteen. The hats were a hit and cherished moment. The parents could see and feel the love I had for their child. It was another instant way for us to connect. Here is a snapshot of the final product.

My Fair Ladies

I believe NANNIES are the coolest people on earth. We bring a magical aspect to childhood that is PRICELESS. Children are drawn to us because they can feel our love and see that we love adventure.

I know our days can be long and exhausting but remember YOU WERE MADE FOR THIS! Your mama bear heart makes a difference in this world one child at a time. Keep on shining and creating magical memories!


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