Kool -Aid Play Dough Design Competition

Kool Aid Post

Play dough is always a hit especially when you make it from scratch with Kool Aid. It smells great and dare I say it – it’s edible. LOL. I made the batch above  with my three year old buddy Vanessa, who is a play dough aficionado. The dough is extra soft and the consistency of store bought play dough. We made grape, cherry, and lemon flavors during our play date.

On another play dough adventure with my seven year old buddy  Katie, she suggested that we have a timed competition on who could make the best design. We had five minutes to design before casting our votes. Being the competitor that I am I quickly said I’M IN!

Here are a few snapshots of our creations.

Eventually her brother Evan joined the fun and took the competition to the next level with his a bowling lane design.

HANDS DOWN – Evan was the winner of that round.

The reason I loved this activity with Katie was because her imagination and creativity instantly ignited. All summer long I have been trying to get her to tap into her creative side. I was delighted when she came up with the  design game. We played several rounds and even convinced her older sister Haley to give it a try. She designed a fairy house with a fairy taking flight. Haley is currently the reigning champion of the Kool Aid Play dough competition.


Helpful Tip

I’ve tested out a couple of recipes and my favorite one is from Pam at Over the Big Moon. You definitely want to add this one to your Pinterest board. I stored the play dough in zip-lock bags and they are still soft two weeks later.

What are other cool things you can do with play dough?


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