5 Star Service

Dear First Year Nanny, (1)

Dear 1st Year Nanny,

When you hear the words “Five Star Service” what do you picture? For me it was a conference I attended at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City. From the moment I walked into the hotel I was speechless. Each person at the conference was treated as if they were penthouse clientele. I still chuckle when I think about looking down at the table place setting and being amused that I had watched the movie Pretty Woman so I knew what fork to use.

Being treated with such care showed me what excellent and above and beyond service feels like…it felt good. Contrary to what you may think, parents decision to keep a child home with a nanny is a commitment to provide their child with personal one on one care. Most but not all cost for nanny services is equivalent to private education tuition. Entrusting their child into your care means the parents value your expertise. In return we should be providing the families with excellent support and care.

Giving exceptional nanny service to your families will make you a precious asset to the family dynamics. It’s your ability to stay one step ahead of the parents and the children that makes you PRICELESS.  Anything above and beyond what is expected helps the family team dynamic to gel.  It helps lighten the child care load and gives the parents additional moments to connect with their child when they get home.  The gift of time is what makes our service a five star experience.

What are some ways you go above and beyond to help out your family?




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