I Had A Cool Ass Nanny

-I had a cool ass nanny-

One day on Quora I asked “What are some cool activities your nanny did with your child?” I had expected parents to answer the question but then I received a reply from a teen named Moni Johnson.  It quickly reminded me why I love what I do. Check out her response:

Moni Johnson, You won’t see me with children for a good while


I had a nanny (I’m a teenager) so I just really wanna answer this question cause I had a cool ass nanny.

Some of the coolest activities she would do with me is…

  1. Let me ride on her motorcycle. Yes, she had a motorcycle and she would sometimes use it as transportation to get from her house to my house, the store, etc. And when I would ask to go with her to whatever place (depending on how far) I could get on with her. It was SUPER fun. The air blowing in my hair, riding down fast lanes, and seeing the faces of my peers when I pulled up… lol. I couldn’t help it. It was fun
  2. Bake sweets. Cookies. Cakes. Brownies. Lemon bars. She would whip it up. And it was the same thing for any kind of dish. Her skills were admirable and delicious
  3. Watch movies. We did movie marathons. Scary movies, comedy movies, best movie of the year movies, etc. There had been a time when we had watched the Gallows. O.O Never. Again. Nope.
  4. Go to the pool. This was around summer time and it was very hot, so we would take a trip to the public pool. It was always so fun being with her in the water, like we would play games and spy on people who seemed “suspicious”. Lol. Very fun
  5. Collect coupons. She had a biggg scrapbook of coupons. I would sit with her on the floor and help cut them out of magazines and organize them. Then the next day we would buy 5 boxes of Jolly Ranchers, a few bags of chips, a LOT of washing detergents, and whatever we thought we needed (we usually had a cart full), for no more than five dollars. Sometimes even for free. Coupons. They are useful, people. Use em.
  6. Love me. (Yeah, not an activity but still worth mentioning). She claimed me as her daughter. And I honestly saw her as a mother, or even a big sister. She was way more than just some nanny or A nanny. I remember her telling me “Whatever you need you can tell me and I’ll help you get it. Whoever messes with you messes with me. You have my number? Call anytime.” I was really upset when she couldn’t be my nanny anymore. But, some things happen and change.

So, I don’t wanna mention her name but if my nanny sees this then she will know I adored her VERY MUCH.

What do you hope the child or children you care for will say about you one day?


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