Friendship Friday – Kayse Pratt

Friendship Friday Meet Ups

Friendship Friday Meet Ups – what is that all about? And where is the party?

The party is actually here in this space.  It will be a fun five minute or less introduction of some really cool people who could be a great resource for you.

This week I’m introducing you to my friend Kayse Pratt.

Kayse Pratt

She is a ROCK STAR organizer. Kayse and I met a few years back on the God Sized Dream Launch Team. I quickly came to admire her organizational skills and adorable printables . I may be creative with handmade items but Kayse can make any home run smoothly. If you are wearing the hat of a nanny and household manager, I would highly recommend the following items:

I also would suggest you sign up for her newsletter. She often sends tips and previews of her new items.  I am confident you will fall in love with her and her products.

Until next time my friend  – HAVE A GREAT DAY!




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