31 Days Writing Challenge

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On Saturday, October 1st, I will embark on an adventure that is completely out of my comfort zone. Writing for 31 days straight – WOW! I am nervous, excited, and wondering if I will make it. No matter what, I plan to report to the starting line and hope I will have the endurance to cross the finish line.

In August, my dear friend Kristin from The Riches of His Love was telling me about a 31 Day Writing Challenge and how she was going to write about Fervent Prayer for the month of October. I was like YES! Y’all are still getting to know me so you may not know my heart for prayer yet. Anyway, when I got off Voxer, I thought – Delonna you should join the challenge.  Enter your shocked face emoji here. LOL.

The truth is…….

Every once in a while you have to push yourself to do something you never thought possible just to see if you can do it. Like my dream of one day completing a marathon. Not that I love running or walking that much but I want to know if I have what it takes to cross the finish line.

Joining this 31 Day Writing Challenge is exactly like that for me. It’s a growth exercise. For the past month while I have been silent in this space, I have been working on things to share with you. I’m super excited to share my creativity.

I have decided to write about 31 PLAY activities you can do with your infant, toddler, preschool and/or school age child. I have been working with a wide range of children lately so I wanted to share the cool play activities I take in my nanny bag.

The post will remain a microblogging format (short and sweet) and something you can read in less than 5 minutes.

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See you at the finish.


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