Superhero Pretend Play


Pretend Play is one of my favorite activities to do with children. I love to hear children create a story and assign the adult a perfect role in the game.   Carrying dramatic play items in the nanny bag is essential. It encourages children to be whimsy and imaginative. I’m always on the hunt to find little gems I can add to my bag without putting a huge dent into my budget.

One day, I was shopping at Dollar Tree and out of the corner of my eye, I saw a black cape and a blue with red trim cape hanging on the shelf and thought…..




It would be a great pretend play gift and would cost less than $3 each. SCORE!  My niece and nephews are going to love their little play date surprise.



Download the logo template from Vanilla Joy here


Captain America


  1. You will need to decrease the pattern by 50% via a copier in order for the logo to fit perfectly on the back of the Dollar Tree size capes.
  2. Cut out the pattern pieces and lay them out on the felt.  Be sure to notice where you need to line up the pattern on the fold.
  3. For the Batman and Supergirl logos, I hand sew the bat and S onto the yellow shape first. Then I placed the logo on the cape, pin it in several places to avoid slippage and hand sewn the outside of the logo.
  4. For the Captain America logo, I attached the red circles to the white circle first. I  suggest working from the inner circle to the outer circle.  Once you have completed the circle,  place the star on the cape and hand sew it on. Next place the stripped circle on the cap. Once again I  suggest working from the inner circle first to avoid puckering.

HELPFUL TIP: I used transparent nylon thread to hand sew the logos onto the capes. 


Download the mask patterns from Cutesy Crafts Superhero Mask

  1. Lay out the mask on the felt.
  2. Cut out the mask.
  3. Base stitch the elastic on the mask. To give it a finished look, I suggest putting the elastic in the middle (front mask piece of felt, elastic, back mask piece of felt).
  4. Top stitch the inner eye hole of the mask.
  5. Top stitch the outer edge of the mask and the eye hole.
  6. For the Captain America mask, I add the wings on last.




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