DIY Halloween Taggy Ball


Play time with infants is often a little on the quiet side and a lot of repetitive motions to discover their world. Around 6 months infants will start reaching and grabbing for items. Taggy toys encourage infants to develop their pincher grasp and learn how to pick up items. Find

I used Purl Bee Soho Beach Ball free pattern. You can make three different sizes (small, medium or large). The photo above is a medium size ball. In order to make the ball a taggy you will need to add ribbons.

DIY Halloween Taggy Ball


  • 1/4 of yard of fabric of your choice
  • Ribbon of your choice
  • Poly-Fil Fiberfill


  1. Cut out the 8 spheres
  2. Cut 4  ribbons 6 inches long
  3. Fold the ribbon in half and pin the edges to the right side of a sphere.
  4. Tact or base stitch the ribbon to the sphere.
  5. Take a pair of spheres, place them right sides together and sew along one side of the sphere.
  6. Repeat step 5 for the remaining 3 pairs of spheres. You should have four 2 panel spheres now.
  7. Next take a pair of 2 panel sphere panels, place them right sides together and sew along one side of the sphere. You should have a two  4 panel spheres now.
  8. Put together the 4 panel spheres right sides together.
  9. Sew one side of the sphere together
  10. For the last side of the sphere, you will sew it together leaving an opening you can turn the ball inside out.
  11. Turn the ball inside out and begin stuffing it with the fiberfill. Make sure to make the ball firm.
  12. Top stitch the opening together







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